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Upper Belly Fat - Get Rid of This Unsightly Problem Now!

Belly fat is difficult to lose from the upper body because it is usually stored there as energy. Belly fat is also more difficult to burn because it is surrounded by a layer of water. While a good diet and regular exercise routine can help control your overall weight and minimize belly fat, sometimes the final few inches of flabby upper belly fat are just too difficult to lose. It takes a consistent, and well thought out, approach to lose the final few inches on the upper belly. One of the most overlooked ways to burn stomach fat involves what you put into your mouth at night before bed. Most people don't get enough sleep, but the right sleep habits can be the difference between waking up with more energy than you have had in years and waking up dragging across the bedroom floor in a daze. When you go to bed each night, it's not just your metabolic rate that slows down during the day; your body also slows down on a nightly basis. Since your metabolism slows while you

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